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calisha short, meditation, spiritual healing, awakeningCalisha Short is a spiritual healer, writer and meditator who has worked in the health, wellness and personal development industries for nearly 3 decades. She has been passionate about consciousness and the evolution of a soul through life experiences since a teenager.

In 1996 she stopped working as a dental assistant and retrained as a Masseuse. She created a natural therapy practice in Perth, WA while spending the next 3 years studying and applying the integrative bodywork technique Bodytell, where she learnt how to assist a deeper release of tissue and memory within the body.

Over the years she continued to pursue learning and using natural healing methods for both herself and her clients. This included Reiki, Pranic Healing, ThetaHealing® and EFT (Emotional Freedom technique). Calisha became an advanced Pranic Healer and a Usui Reiki Master, teaching Reiki to small groups in Perth while continuing massage and healing sessions with clients in Perth, then northern NSW and QLD.

In 2008 after realizing the importance of tapping the body-mind connection Calisha become a certified Life Coach. This enabled her to work with clients on all levels as a truly holistic and multi-skilled practitioner, whether working at the physical, emotional and mental levels (conscious and subconscious), or energetically with the aura or Human Energy Field (HEF).

calisha-short, meditation, spiritual healing, spiritual healer, reikiDuring her career Calisha has worked with people on all levels through an evolving progression of techniques. Now her life’s work has evolved further and she continues her passion for assisting others to reconnect with their spiritual nature through writing and meditation, through being the example of truth lived and most of all through being love. Assisting others to heal what blocks love and in remembering that our true essence is love is her gift.


There is only one way…the way of the Heart.

Adi Da Samraj



Certified Life Coach
The Coaching Institute, Melbourne VIC Australia

ThetaHealing® Practitioner – Basic & Advanced DNA
ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge

Pranic Healer, Adv Pranic Healer & Pranic Psychotherapist
GMCKS, Grand Master Choi Kok Sui

Usui Reiki Practitioner & Reiki Master – Levels I, II & III
Trained under Usui Reiki Master Janet Blake, Perth WA Australia

Bodytell Therapist
Trained under Dale Poole, Perth WA Australia

Swedish & Remedial Masseuse
Queensland Institute of Natural Science (QINS), Maleny QLD Australia


Advanced Meditator
Kriya Yoga Meditation


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