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The Mirror Exercise

The Mirror Exercise is one of the most beautiful and simplest exercises you can do to heal your relationship with yourself, through healing how you feel about yourself and your perception of yourself. It’s especially wonderful if you are blaming yourself for something, are having moments of low self-esteem or low self-worth, or aren’t feeling good about how you look.

Most of us suffer from these things at some point in our lives or on our ‘not the best’ days, and this is when the Mirror Exercise can assist as a very powerful technique disguised in a simple easy to do form, that might just catch you by surprise 🙂

A friend gave me this exercise several years ago written a small piece of paper. I also notice now that Jack Canfield is promoting a version of it. His method is more complex, but no matter which version you use they work just fine. You can simply adapt it to your own needs or to the moment, as there is no right or wrong way. My only recommendation is that you look into your face and eyes in the mirror as you do it and for a little while afterwards. There’s a connection with Self that you’ll miss if you only say the words.

How does the Mirror Exercise work and how will I benefit?

Doing the mirror exercise gently clears away incorrect self-perceptions and opens you again to the purity and love that you already are and always were…but that you temporarily forgot. It shows you to yourself, without all the limitations and beliefs we as humans are so good at creating and building up to block our true nature from showing.

The Mirror ExerciseSometimes you might not have a mirror available when you want to do the exercise. If that’s the case, do it anyway, but note that the results are far more profound when you’re looking at yourself in a mirror.

Looking in the mirror and into your own eyes, allows you to see the self that is uncovered through doing the exercise, and shows how much your inner radiance and soul shines through your face and especially your eyes into the world. Our eyes truly are the windows to our soul.

Instructions: How to do the Mirror Exercise

First find a piece of paper or card and write down the Mirror Exercise shown above:
Then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror or hold a mirror up to your face. As you look at yourself in the mirror, look into your eyes and read the first line of words…
  2. Fill in the end of the sentence yourself with whatever comes to you.
  3. Progress through each line of writing, finishing the sentences for yourself by stating one thing you’re proud of about yourself, one thing you forgive yourself for and one thing you commit to doing for yourself.
  4. End with ‘I Love You’ and wait a few moments while still looking into your eyes.
    If you’re into journaling, write your answers in to your journal each time you do the exercise after you’ve finished it. It’s a quick exercise, only taking a few minutes to do but you’ll walk away feeling lit up from the inside.

    The Mirror Exercise is:

    “I’m proud of you for…
    I forgive you for…
    I commit to you…
    I love you!”

How Often do I Repeat the Mirror Exercise?

Option A – Repeat Whenever You Feel Like It
The Mirror Exercise can be done anytime you remember to do it, any time you feel you need to do it or simply anytime you feel like doing it!

Option B – Repeat once or twice daily for 7 days
The Mirror Exercise can also be done daily as a progressive exercise. When you wake up and before you retire at night are good times, because you’re more likely to remember to do it at those times. Placing the exercise on your bathroom or bedroom mirror may help.

Option C- Repeat daily for 30 days, so it becomes a habit
To instil the Mirror Exercise as a regular habit, do it for 30 days in a row. Then after that time you’ll find you’re doing it automatically every time you look in a mirror. Remember, be gentle on yourself and enjoy the results.

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