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The Gift In Life’s Challenges

No matter where we find ourselves in the journey of life, it’s always possible to turn our interpretation of difficult events and periods of our life into something beneficial. How can we benefit from doing this?

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When we alter our perspective around what we believe happened to us, so that there is a positive learning taken from the situation or event (even if the original experience wasn’t necessarily positive) we turn what we believed were regrets, mistakes or other people’s wrong actions into positive life experiences that benefit us and serve our wellbeing.

A Change of Perspective

Altering our perception involves changing our perspective of past events, or in NLP terms (neuro linguistic programming language) it is what we call re-framing. We re-frame our perspective on what happened and what happened then becomes something positive and is perceived as a gift to us instead of being something ‘bad’ or ‘not good’. These gifts can lead us to a deep sense of gratitude for life and a quality of life beyond our present perception and experience. This makes them treasures worth digging for.

I say this because there’s always more going on underneath the surface experience of life than what our current perspective is telling us to be true. It’s summed up in the expression that ‘life is happening for you, not to you‘. Everything that happens in our lives can be interpreted in various ways at the time, and can also be re-interpreted at later stages throughout our lives as we evolve our conscious awareness of life and our part in it.

This means becoming responsible for our experiences instead of blaming others, or choosing not to feel like a victim who has no choice when we do in fact have a choice. Even if it’s just a change of inner perspective and the outward expression stays the same. It will not stay the same for long, as an inner change will bring about a change in the external environment. It has too, because of the Universal Law ‘as within, so without’.

Find The Gift and Find Purpose

The key to our souls purpose lies within these challenges, so instead of avoiding them or turning away from them, it’s beneficial if we can see and use the challenges that have been presented to us as the opportunity that they are, which is as an opportunity for growth and evolution of the spirit.

Look at your life’s situation and then look within. Your life situation will always be telling you something about yourself. Something that you may or may not see yet. The real challenge is in finding the gift, and recognising that this gift has been offered to you through your life’s experience as a way for your soul to reclaim its passion and purpose for being here.

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Sometimes the gift will not be recognised until after that life situation has passed, but if you take the time to discover what it is, you’ll be surprised at the wonders that lie waiting, ready to be expressed in the world and lived as a newer and more alive expression of self.

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