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Client Testimonials

Intuitive Healing

“A few years ago I had a business failure and at that time my marriage also ended. To say my confidence was shaken is an understatement – it was shattered. Worse, my passion was gone and I found myself floundering with no fulfilling work, no fulfilling relationships and my health in a shambles. Despite having had some very successful businesses in the past and despite having had been happily married for many years with some wonderful relationships since, I found myself on a treadmill where everything I tried seemed to fail, no matter what I did.

I found Cal through a friend and although she came recommended, I doubted this would work as other therapy I’d tried hadn’t helped. But what Cal did in just the first session resulted in a surge of confidence and enthusiasm that has had lasting effects. It was like instead of slowly chipping away at the blocks, Cal simply reached in with surgical precision and cut them out. Am I happy with the result? Absolutely, positively, without a doubt!”
Karl.W, Yamba NSW Australia


Life Transformation Coaching

“I see Calisha every time I’m going through changes in my life and I feel stuck or just too scared to do anything. It’s great. Every time she does what she does, I walk out like a different person. There’s no stopping me. I’m totally focused, I know what I need to do and I just go and do it. I recommend booking in with her if you ever feel overwhelmed with changes in your life or just feel stuck. I bet you won’t feel that way for long!”
Karen. B, Gold Coast QLD Australia


Intuitive Healing

“I had a healing with Calisha Short after meeting her at my work. She noticed how I felt and said she could help.
I couldn’t believe how perceptive she was because I thought I was doing a good job of hiding how I felt from everyone. To explain quickly, a few years ago I sold my fathers home and moved him closer to my family,
because it was more convenient for me. Soon after the move he died and I blamed myself for his death.
This affected me immensely and as well as my relationship with my wife and son. I couldn’t be close to my son because I felt so much guilt after what happened and what I did.

Calisha worked with me and all the guilt and shame lifted. I stopped blaming myself and have been able to forgive myself, accepting that I did what I believed was best and that this may or may not have contributed to my father’s death. I’m a strict Catholic, so this has been challenging for me to come to terms with. My faith teaches me to believe that I have sinned and should be punishment, but my healing through Calisha’s love and compassion has shown me that forgiveness is far greater. Calisha’s understanding and gift as a healer has helped me to heal my beliefs and my life. My father may have gone and I miss him dearly, but I’m now here able to be a loving husband and the best father I can be to my son. Many thanks to you Calisha.”
Rajitha. M, Melbourne VIC Australia


Life Transformation Coaching

“I just had a session with Cal and I feel fantastic. I feel lighter and more relaxed, and what was worrying me
has just gone, like it never even existed. I simply can’t believe how good I feel, in fact I wish you could bottle this, that’s how good it feels. Thanks Cal, amazing!”

John. P, Gold Coast QLD Australia


Usui Reiki Healing

“Dear Calisha, I’m just writing to thank you for the Reiki session you gave me when I holidayed in Australia
last year. When you gave me the healing you noticed some unusual energy in my left breast and advised me to follow up on it when I returned home.

Well I did and I’m so glad I took your advice. It turned out to be a small malignant tumor. Thankfully it was diagnosed early and treatment has been successful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for noticing it and for
saying so, and also for telling me in a way that didn’t worry me too much nor spoil my holiday. I can’t believe
how lucky I am and I can’t thank you enough. You’ll be forever in my thoughts as I go about my day.
Much love and appreciation, Marie.”

Marie. S, Johannesburg South Africa


ThetaHealing® by Distance

“Late last year I went though a nasty separation from my wife. It was traumatic for me and both my kids.
My ex-wife made life hell and we fought all the time over everything. My little girl became really insecure
and clingy, always wanting to be with me and crying when she couldn’t be. It was just horrible saying goodbye when she went back to her Mums, she’d cry and scream and wouldn’t let go of me. I didn’t know what to do.

Cal is a friend so she gave my ex-wife a healing from a distance and the results were amazing.
My ex-wife changed overnight! Now we’re building a wonderful friendship and have a really close bond.
We didn’t even have this when we were married, in fact, all my mates are jealous at the relationship I now have with my ex and she is happy and calm, not nasty or hysterical like before.

Best of all she wants to keep the family unit close, so although were staying separated, we spend most
weekends together as a family doing fun stuff together. My children are happy again
and they’re learning
that even though Mum and Dad don’t live together anymore, things can work out ok.
Thanks Cal, life is better
than I ever could have imagined.”

Peter. W, Melbourne VIC Australia


E.F.T Meridian Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

“I had a pretty traumatic childhood raised away from my family in a strict boarding school. Horrible things happened to me there that I never told anyone about my whole life. I’ve suffered from depression ever since
and can’t work.

Calisha’s now really helped me though. We talk a little about what happened and she taps on my face and body
and all the horrible feelings from the memories disappear. It’s like it rises up to the surface for a little while
but then it’s gone. It’s worth it though, because I finally feel good again and am happy now after many years
of feeling depressed and even suicidal. I feel better about life and myself and look forward to the future
for the first time I can ever remember.”

Raymond. T, Perth WA Australia

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