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Tapping The Wellspring of Joy

How do we bring joy it into our lives? How do we tap the wellspring of joy and bask forever in its offerings?

Wellspring of Joy
Modern life by it’s fundamental nature is creating the necessity for us to be able to separate our surface needs and wants from the deeper qualities that make life worth living, such as joy. Life balance now comes from creating substance in our lives which acts as the vehicle for which joy may enter our lives and remain.

The Wish List Exercise

In the search for joy, let’s start with a simple exercise. Pretend you’re writing your life’s Wish List. Start by putting joy at the top of the list. If joy is a bit out there for you or you’re so far removed from it that it seems almost unattainable, substitute joy for happiness instead, as happiness may be a more realistic starting point.

Now let’s take a look at an example Wish List that is typical of what my clients would write. Feel free to write your own list as we go.

Example Wish List

  • happiness
  • good health
  • more money
  • a job promotion with a pay rise
  • an attractive and successful partner
  • a nicer house
  • to lose weight
  • to keep youthful looks
  • more time with family and friends..and so the list goes, on and on and on and on…

Check out this list and look at your own list if you’ve written one. First of all how many items are on it? In my experience, most people list approximately 10-12 items. Then look again, what’s missing?

In the search for joy (or happiness), somehow joy disappeared altogether, happiness was left at the starting post and all the other seemingly more important things took over. It seems the demands and expectations of modern life simply got in the way! So I ask you. Since this is what the usual life Wish List looks like, how happy would you be if all of these things came to you? And would you find joy in having them?

The usual answer is something like this:
“Yes. It would make a big difference. I’d be really happy/ecstatic/over the moon!”

My reply to you would be:
Yes, I hear you and I believe you, but happy for how long? And what of joy?


You see these things alone will not bring you lasting happiness, nor will they bring you lasting joy. The reason why is because they are all transitory in nature. They will make your life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable and in the short-term they will make you happy BUT every one of these things including happiness can disappear very quickly. Almost every item on the average persons Wish List will eventually disappear because they are transitory things that they are not in control of. And when that happens to you what will you be left with? Only that which has substance and only that which you can control.

The Tipping Point at The Moment of Truth

Tipping point in finding joy.At some point in your life many of the things that were so important to you in your youth will change or be removed from your life. They will be altered, transformed and possibly even wiped completely off the face of your map. Instead you have the option to choose with awareness now, so that you don’t find yourself years down the track wondering what went wrong or why you are so unhappy.

Life changes are inevitable, the only variables are when will they happen, how many events will occur at once and your response. What happens and your response to it will depend on how you have invested your time and energy over your lifetime, and how congruent that is to what’s important to you in that moment. Theses tipping points create a moment of truth where you are able to realise and redefine what is most important to you and assess whether you need to change how you are living life.

Tipping points create a moment of truth where you are able to realise and redefine what is most important to you and assess whether you need to change how you are living life.


In awareness of this, my question for you is – what is there in your life now that you can redefine or build upon, or that you can create anew that has substance?

As each time this tipping point occurs you’re given the opportunity to evolve your consciousness as a human being to a higher level. To focus on creating more substance in your life, your relationships and your work so that deeper aspects of your being are activated and come forward. The intention being that instead of just satisfying transitory wants and needs that leave you feeling only temporarily satisfied, you will start creating substance in your life through thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours that lead you to a life, work, pursuits and relationships that are deeply fulfilling over the long-term.

This is what will bring a deep-seated happiness and lasting joy into your life that will carry you through the turbulent times of your life, including the lows of relationships, the pitfalls of business, changing and collapsing economies, natural disasters, ageing and ultimately death itself. This, my friend, is where you are best to put a portion of your energy, and now!

At some point, you’ll be left with only that which matters. Like a cappuccino after the foam dies down or a glass of beer once the head fizzles away or is consumed. You’ll be left with the actual drink, the body or substance that remains after the yummy top has been removed, not the pomp and pageantry that although enjoyable only floats on the surface soon to disappear.

Give your answer to my question and your revised Wish List some thought, as the essence of life, which includes joy, lies deeper than surface level satisfactions and gratifications. Your answer and resulting intentions will dictate the quality of the rest of your life and how you deal with life’s happenings as the days, months and years unfold.

You can control internal qualities and experiences such as joy, unlike external things which. come and go. The external list is transitory and as such cannot be relied upon to remain a part of your life and your life experience. Focus more of your energy on developing and tapping the inner wellspring which will bring you initial happiness and then lasting inner Joy, as well as many other qualities which you can share with others and the world.

What exists in your life that you can redefine, build upon, or even create anew that has substance? For this will be what enables you to last through the turbulent periods of life and will ultimately be all you are left with.


The Inner Wellspring of Joy Is Eternal

No matter what satisfactions and gratifications you seek, nor the quality of your relationships and experiences, tapping the inner wellspring of Joy and basking in its offerings and sharing this with the world will last. It has to as its nature is Eternal.

From this place, there is an unlimited source of all that we truly want and need, not what we superficially want and think we need. But these items are not to be found on your typical Wish List, although they can underlie all the normal trappings and successes, and alone or in combination with them make life the blessing that it can be – a peaceful, happy and joyful experience, no matter what you have or don’t have physically.

Where Does Desire Sit With The Search For Joy?

In the search for joy, I’m often asked if we must give up our desire for material things. This quest for joy is not about stopping your desire for things, not at all. This is about bringing you or should I say returning to you, that which has substance. This enables you to have what you want in the world in a way that has more meaning, that brings you more fulfilment and that leaves you feeling gracious and blessed.

Going deeper through creating substance in your life creates a sense of thankfulness and gratitude for the experience of life and everything in it, even the material things. You will simply appreciate the material aspects more and start attracting them into your life more easily. But you will not place as much importance on them as they will be there but will become secondary to what matters most. You will appreciate these things though but will not depend on them as the source of your happiness as you did before.

And you can experience joy whether you have physical possessions or not, the secret is to not be attached to having the physical possessions so that your inner state remains consistent because it is not reliant on the physical conditions being a certain way to feel good. Therefore you could have everything you could ever want or ‘lose’ all your money and possessions and it wouldn’t affect your emotional state. You would still be joyful either way.

In overview, the result of tapping the Wellspring becomes a transcendence of desire through letting go of attachment to what you wanted and needed, not necessarily of actually letting go of what you desired, wanted, needed and eventually achieved or obtained. There is a difference and the difference is the key to your attainment of joy, and all else that you desire that holds substance and value.

And when the possessions, life’s trappings and youth fade, what you are left with will be more valuable than you ever thought it could because it has substance and because it lasts. Because it puts a smile on your face and the face of others, because it brings joy into your heart and the heart of others because it lets you live within a world of lasting peace, beauty, joy and grace – no matter what happens to the external things in your life. You will always be able to experience that inner happiness and inner Joy, just because you can. This is what you are in control of – nothing else.

Wellspring of Joy 3

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The inner wellspring where joy resides is eternal and never ending, feeding and nurturing you until death and beyond. In the end of this life, everything else will fade and become insignificant. Your connection to truth, to your Divinity, and to this joy will be what remains and through that your connection to All others will remain. So give your intention and attention to what you truely want in life and make sure it has substance. Then the Wellspring of Joy will be tapped and you will bathe in its beauty and radiance all of your life.



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