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A Story Of Self-Healing Through Forgiveness

Self-healing through forgivenessWe all have the power to heal aspects of our lives and even physical ailments and illness when we choose to let go of past resentments and anger, instead choosing to accept and forgive both ourselves and others. We’re quick to reach for a pill for the pain though or to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, in an often unconscious effort to keep the physical pain at bay and the emotional pain pushed way down deep where we believe it won’t hurt us. Nothing could be further from the truth, as everything we push down or avoid only becomes stronger and eventually starts to affect our health, our relationships and our lives. Often we have to be pushed to the limit or way past that before we will change our response to life and let go of what does not serve us.

This reminds me of a story I heard years ago about a woman who had cancer. She was angry at a certain person in her life and obviously angry at herself. She was full of powerful negative emotions and her body was riddled with cancer as a result. She had no desire to heal her body, her relationships, or her life. She blamed others for her condition and she refused to take responsibility for where she was in her life and for her illness. The cancer was slowly killing her and she knew it. The doctors told her they couldn’t do any more for her, so she was on her own to heal her body and her life, or to die an angry, bitter woman.

Somewhere down deep she probably knew why she had cancer but she refused to give up control. She also refused to heal the past, refused to heal her relationships and she refused to allow her body to heal even though she had the power in her to do so. I’m going to say that again because it’s important. In the words of Louise Hay – she had the power to heal herself but she chose not to. Instead, she wanted to remain angry and blamefull.

Taking Responsibility For Self-Healing

Then one day out of the blue and very out of character, this lady, (let’s call her Gwen as I don’t know her real name). One day, out of the blue, Gwen signed up to do a healing workshop. Guess what the workshop was on? Forgiveness. Now let me paint a picture for you before I dive into the story.

Gwen was in the later stages of terminal cancer that had taken over her body and was crippling her. She was bedridden and couldn’t walk. Two men had to carry her into the workshop on a stretcher.

But even though she had to be carried in, she’d made a decision. Gwen had decided that before she left this earth she needed to heal her state of mind through forgiveness and there was a certain person she needed to forgive. I bet she didn’t even think about healing her cancer. She probably didn’t even know it was possible at such a late stage. But Gwen wanted to heal the anger that was eating her up and destroying her chance of spending her final days in peace.

A Workshop on Healing Through Forgiveness

Self healing and forgiveness workshopNow let’s go to the day of the workshop that Gwen had signed up for. It’s a little while before the workshop begins and the room is three-quarters full of attendees. Two men bring Gwen into the room on a stretcher and lift her into a chair. Some of the people have to move to allow them through, but that’s ok. They make room for her and her story, whatever it is.

She has a quiet look of determination on her face that soon turns to excitement as the workshop begin. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she’s there for one reason and one reason only. Forgiveness is on her agenda and nothing else matters.

Imagine the workshop participants watching and wondering. They all know they are there to learn about forgiveness and possibly how to forgive, but what is this lady up too?

Gwen is on a mission and she has gone to great lengths to get there. She is now in the room at the workshop with all the other attendees and she is fully present. She is going to heal her anger at this person no matter what. There is no other option. She is going to find her peace and somehow find it in herself to forgive.

Now I don’t know the exact details, but at some point in the first day of the workshop, this determined lady Gwen, who finally handed over control of her healing… fully forgave that particular person. In that moment Gwen also forgave her God and herself. In that moment she experienced what doctors call a miraculous healing.

Then Gwen stood up and said something like ‘That’s all, it’s done’, and walked out of the room. Imagine the people in the room at that moment, mouths open and jaws almost on the floor. I’m sure the facilitator would have wished that everyone understood forgiveness as much as this Gwen did.

Healing happens when we know in every cell of our body and every inch of our being that there is no other option.


In that moment of complete forgiveness, Gwen healed her relationship with that particular person in her life and she forgave herself. In that moment she also healed her attitude, her body and her life. She stood up, stood tall and walked out of the room and back into life, fully aware and fully responsible for where she was in life and what had happened to her, with no blame for anyone else or anything else. She had experienced the power of healing through forgiveness.

The Miracle Of Healing Through Forgiveness

calisha-short, meditation, spiritual healing, spiritual healer, reikiHealing can be that simple and it can be that fast. Miraculous? No. Miracles happen every day.

Healing happens when we ask for it and allow it to enter our lives. Healing happens when we believe it’s possible and expect nothing less than a miracle. Healing happens when we surrender the outcome, knowing before we even ask that the outcome is assured in whatever form it comes. Most of all though, healing happens when we know in every cell of our body and every inch of our being that there is no other option.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Gwen…

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