Picture Quotes #5 There Is Only Now | Calisha Short

The past cant hurt me, there is only Now.

Is it time to make friends with your past? Is it time to come more into the present and leave the past behind you?

Do memories of the past continue to come back into your life and affect it? If yes, in a positive way or negative way? Maybe it’s time to make friends with your past?

Often we continue to remember past conversations, things that happened, situations, people and events that may not have been perceived as positive or enjoyable.

What you remember is in the past though and does not need to keep coming back into your life repeatedly. Instead, you can bring your thoughts and visualisations back into present time as the past can’t hurt you, there is only now. And right now you are in control of how you perceive what you remember and whether what you remember hurts you or not.


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