Picture Quotes #3 Free Yourself Of Judgement | Calisha Short

Free yourself of judgement

How many times a day do you think you judge yourself or another? The answer may surprise you if you took the time to actually notice and count.

As human beings, we are very habituated in our thinking and our behaviour and are therefore very predictable. As a part of this predictable behaviour we are usually very quick to label and judge another or external situations. We are also good at placing judgement on things that are actually none of our business.

Notice today and tonight each time you judge another person or event – what someone does, doesn’t do, and how you believe they should have acted instead. Notice what you tell yourself. Do you make them into a ‘bad’ person because of it, or not good enough, stupid or something else? How do you label them based on what happened and your expectation of their behaviour. This will tell you a lot about yourself and the conditions you place on others or yourself.

When we stop having expectations we stop judging. The world becomes a much nicer place to live in and the people around us are freed to become who they are in our company. They are after all innocent. It is only our belief that they should be or act otherwise that makes them guilty or not good enough. Remove judgement and all are innocent including ourselves. And what a nicer place our world would be…if judgement free!








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