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Purpose, Aim & Vision

My Purpose Is Transforming The Human Condition

My work as a therapist, Spiritual/Energy Healer and Coach is and always has been, to clear anything that shrouds or blocks a persons true nature and prevents them from living life to the fullest. Our fullest potential in it’s highest form as human beings, being that of Love and the expression of this Love.

calisha short-transformaing the human condition through awakening and meditation

This process of balancing, clearing, releasing and letting go, awakens a persons natural vibrant energy and creativity, renewing their passion for living life with enthusiasm and a greater sense of joy, as well as establishing a firm foundation of trust in a Higher Power*, inner peace and gratitude. This is what I, as others, have been graciously given to do as a calling in life, no matter which method or techniques are employed.

I’ve found that in the process of clearing blocks and stagnant energy a persons life is transformed from the inside out. We are literally freed from that which held us back and are able to thrive in all areas; health, emotional well-being, intimate relationships and friendships, as well as family and parenthood, career, finances, lifes calling and ones relationship to Self.*


My Aim Is To Assist Humanities Awakening

  • by assisting us all to awaken to the reality of the present, so we can thrive in every area of our lives
  • by assisting us all to live the full expression of our true nature in life, with love, joy, passion, peace, purpose and gratitude
  • by assisting us all to improve the quality of our relationships
  • by increasing self-understanding and self-awareness, which leads to Self-realization

My Vision Is Oneness

  • through a mass reconnection to Spirit/Source on a collective level as humanity awakens
  • through our return to our natural state of Oneness, which Is Love

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* I use the terms Higher Power, Creator, Source, Spirit, Self, Oneness, Consciousness, God, Divinity, The Divine, the Universe interchangeably to describe the one and same Higher Power, which is whatever you perceive it to be.

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