Picture Quote 3 – Wherever I Am – Calisha Short

picture quote-calisha short-wherever I am there is love

What does this mean “Wherever I am, there is magic. Wherever I am, there is love?”

If you raise your awareness and thus your vibrational energy to the place where you know and remember that you are Love, and that magic does exist in the world because of the Love that you are, your whole life will change.

If you don’t believe me spend some time with someone who knows and remembers they come from the source of Love and watch the magic that occur in their lives on an ongoing basis. Watch and feel the love that enters their lives and their natural extension of this as an outpouring of Love and warmth into the world.

Because I come from the source of Love and remember it – wherever I am there is magic, and wherever I am there is love.

Do you want to join me? 🙂


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