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Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in our modern times, although an ancient tradition and practice…and for good reason.

Meditation naturally restores balance after time spent in our often busy and stressful lifestyles. It’s also a path to increased awareness, bringing with it many goodies including time to recharge, stillness, peace, joy, and a return to flow through present time consciousness.

These are all characteristics of the natural state we as human beings are opening to, as we enter and become accustomed to what has been called the new age. This period of our evolution in history is quietly bringing in its offerings and meditation is one of the best offerings to have arrived (even though it’s been used for several thousand years by already aware individuals, religions and cultures).

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Can Anyone Use Meditation?

Meditation has been quietly filtering into our day-to-day awareness and lifestyles. People from all types of backgrounds have discovered it. Some spiritual and some religious, yes, but many people with no particular beliefs or leanings. Just normal people that want to explore meditation to see if meditating can increase the quality of their lives. And one beauty of meditation is that anyone can access it and use it.

To many the experience of meditating is felt as relaxation and stillness, as a sense of inner peace and contentment that one can’t quite put one’s finger on, but that is undeniably and tangibly real. As we put time into meditating the experience develops and intensifies. It becomes a state that we take with us when we return to our lives, that we can tap into immediately when we notice we have pulled out of it and want or need to return. For some that return to this state of being through meditating, this state of Oneness becomes their permanent state of consciousness.

No matter how, why or where you meditate, there’s no stopping the meditation effect’, as I call it, because once we experience our intrinsic qualities through meditating we want more. Once we start to feel the benefits of meditating, we know that we can be in touch with our true nature, fully experiencing our connectedness and experiencing ourselves as whole, complete and utterly alive.


Meditation As a Means Of Connection

Meditating is a way for us to remember that we are already connected to every one else and every thing else. It’s a way for us to experience this state more fully and to learn how to stay connected when we enter back into our normal lives, instead of this being something we go and do as separate to our lives.

This occurs because at the heart of our nature is an energy waiting to be tapped, an energy that is all-encompassing ~ that is already loving, compassionate, peaceful, intuitive, playful, dynamic, powerful, abundant and intensely alive.

Our intrinsic nature is waiting for us to use a tool like meditation to re-discover it, to rediscover ourselves and to live our lives fully and joyfully in the moment!

Once we start to feel the benefits of meditating, we know that we can be in touch with our true nature, fully experiencing our connectedness and experiencing ourselves as whole, complete and utterly alive.


Is Meditation Helpful In Day To Day Life?

The benefit’s that come from meditating can assist us greatly in our day-to-day lives. Meditation is a fantastic tool for teaching us through repetitive practice and discipline, to focus consistently on one thing ~ to not let emotion and thoughts block, skew or cloud our awareness or decision making. No matter whether we have faith or belief in some higher power or not, doesn’t really matter, as we can all benefit from learning to focus single pointedly on one thing while tuning out distractions.

This is what we develop as we learn to meditate, and this clarity of mind and the intuition that develops from meditating are valuable for us in our busy day to day lives, where we are having to make decisions quickly and often on-the-run. Other benefits include being more relaxed, experiencing less stress and anxiety and being able to cope better with situations. Also improved sleep and even needing less sleep.

No matter what you are hoping to gain from meditation there will be a benefit that will help in your day to day life, in fact probably several. Is it time to start to learning to meditate?

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