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A Tongue In Cheek Look at Meditation In The Modern World

The technique of meditation has been used historically in many cultures for thousands of years. The first detailed accounts of mediation as a path to enlightenment date back to Indian Vedic literature from 2000BC.  Yes meditation predates Christ and the Church by a staggering 2000 years, and I personally think that is pretty cool. 🙂

Awakening, awaken, meditationSince we didn’t get it the first time around in the west, it seems the Creator had no choice but to send a person disguised as an ordinary man the second time around.

Mankind wouldn’t listen to yogis or sages, no…nor mystics or woman, so instead he sent Jesus in His image as a reminder. Then guess what? We didn’t get it a second time around.

So now, due to mankind’s absolute reliance on physical proof that anything exists (and the world of Spirit is ethereal), scientists have finally created the technology to measure electromagnetic energy and brain wave function of a living organism. Just so that we can now say, yes, something akin to God must exist because we can now measure it!

So now, thanks to modern scientific research methods and all the medical facts that prove how beneficial meditating is for a person, the average man or woman in the west is considering learning to meditate, or has already taken up the practice of mediation. Not so much as a path to increasing awareness and connection with a Divine Power,  but as a way to relax and recharge after a busy, stressful day.

It seems a little bit of a shame to me, that a technique that was created to bring man in touch with himself and the Source of his existence is now focused on primarily for health benefits. There is so much more to gain from meditation both personalty and collectively, beyond the health benefits that can be gained.

Maybe the other benefits will sneak up on people though. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Then what was once not that interesting for many people, will enter the mainstream and become a normal part of life for many of us. In fact it already appears to be! How wonderful 🙂

Enjoy your meditating,


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