Picture Quotes#2 - I Move Forward With Grace | Calisha Short

I move forward with grace and comfort knowing that all is perfect - Calisha Short
What is grace and where does it come from?

It is my perception that grace is a higher state that operates outside the realm of human existence. A state that can be bestowed upon us through the act of grace itself.

It has been my experience that grace can enter our lives when we ask or need it to, but that we cannot control it. When it does enter it is a truely beautiful experience that lifts us higher and opens our hearts, as we allow grace to enter our lives, our hearts and our situation.

It is a state that brings comfort and security, knowing and feeling that an absolute Divine intervention has taken place and that because of this all is ok and taken care of.

It is a state that brings acceptance and a letting go, as when grace enters our lives we give up controlling life and events, knowing instead that all is perfect.

As you travel through your day and any uncomfortable of difficult moments, choose to move forward in your life knowing that grace is ever present and that whether you realise it or not, all is perfect.


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