Picture Quotes #1 Hardships and Destiny | Calisha Short

Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny.

Some would say that this is just being positive after the fact, but is it? The test would be in seeing how many people who have gone through hardship actually end up living extraordinary lives, but I think this is an oversimplification. An oversimplification because it’s not that black and white.

Some of us who go through hardships give up. Some continue with a degree of motivation and live happy lives, but only a small minority (I would guess) go on to live extraordinary lives. Put it down to individual character traits and our ability to be resilient and to strive for ever increasing heights no matter what happens to us. We are simply different as individuals and we perceive our life experience and respond to it individually.

My question for you if you are going through hardship, or have already experienced hardship in your life is…
How can you make sure that this life experience ends up benefiting you or others in some way?

How can you turn this difficulty around and make it something that you will later see as a blessing in disguise, and never regret ever happened?

If you do this your life will truely be able to be extra-ordinary and you an extraordinary person. You will become one of the people whom hardships prepared for an extraordinary destiny.

Blessings to you on your journey through life,


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