What Is Reality?

What is Reality?

What is Reality? This is a posing question that many have pondered, so I shall attempt to describe Reality and the characteristics of experiencing Reality as best I can, knowing that words fall short in trying to describe such an experience. Reality is a complete and already whole, living, dynamic flow of energy. When one […]

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A Tongue In Cheek Look at Meditation In The Modern World

Awakening, awaken, meditation

A Tongue In Cheek Look at Meditation In The Modern World The technique of meditation has been used historically in many cultures for thousands of years. The first detailed accounts of mediation as a path to enlightenment date back to Indian Vedic literature from 2000BC.  Yes meditation predates Christ and the Church by a staggering […]

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The Gift In Life’s Challenges

challenges, gift, life, purpose, success

The Gift In Life’s Challenges No matter where we find ourselves in the journey of life, it’s always possible to turn our interpretation of difficult events and periods of our life into something beneficial. How can we benefit from doing this? When we alter our perspective around what we believe happened to us, so that there […]

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