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Picture Quote 3 – Wherever I Am

picture quote-calisha short-wherever I am there is love

What does this mean “Wherever I am, there is magic. Wherever I am, there is love?” If you raise your awareness and thus your vibrational energy to the place where you know and remember that you are Love, and that magic does exist in the world because of the Love that you are, your whole life […]

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Picture Quote 2 – I Move Forward With Grace

I move forward with grace knowing that everything is perfect - Calisha Short

What is grace and where does it come from? It is my perception that grace is a higher state that operates outside the realm of human existence. A state that can be bestowed upon us through the act of grace itself. It has been my experience that grace can enter our lives when we ask […]

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Learning To Meditate? Start With Small Steps

meditating, how to meditate, learning to meditate

Learning to meditate? Do you have what it takes? Anything you desire to master – whether it be learning to cook, learning to drive a car, or learning to snow ski involves applying steps. It also involves developing the ongoing discipline needed to continue with practising until you start to get it and the skills […]

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How Is Peace Possible?

peace after 911

How Is Peace Possible? We let fear enter our lives on a global scale and peace become sidelined. Now, like the image we see in a car rear view mirror, peace is steadily disappearing from sight all together. Where is the peace we once new and is it possible to find it again? Is it […]

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Picture Quote 1 – Hardships & Destiny


Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny. Some would say that this is just being positive after the fact, but is it? The test would be in seeing how many people who have gone through hardship actually end up living extraordinary lives, but I think this is an oversimplification. An oversimplification because it’s not […]

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