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Picture Quote 6 – All The Colours of The Rainbow

All the colors of the rainbow are mine already.

Is your world vibrant and colourful or monochromatic, dull and grey? Would your every moment be lifted by knowing that all the colours of the rainbow are yours already? Well, they are. Open your eyes and look around. Open your heart and feel. Open your ears and listen. All the colours of the rainbow exist […]

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Picture Quote 5 – There Is Only Now

Is it time to make friends with your past? Is it time to come more into the present and leave the past behind you? Do memories of the past continue to come back into your life and affect it? If yes, in a positive way or negative way? Maybe it’s time to make friends with […]

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Self-Healing Through Forgiveness

Self-healing through forgiveness

A Story Of Self-Healing Through Forgiveness We all have the power to heal aspects of our lives and even physical ailments and illness when we choose to let go of past resentments and anger, instead choosing to accept and forgive both ourselves and others. We’re quick to reach for a pill for the pain though […]

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Picture Quote 4 – Free Yourself Of Judgement

Free yourself of judgement

How many times a day do you think you judge yourself or another? The answer may surprise you if you took the time to actually notice and count. As human beings, we are very habituated in our thinking and our behaviour and are therefore very predictable. As a part of this predictable behaviour we are […]

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What Is Your Love – Conditional Love or Unconditional Love?

conditional love and uncondirional love

Is Your Love Conditional Love or Unconditional Love? I was talking to a close friend about something that I’d been waiting for him to do for years. We talked about it and I explained that our relationship was synonymous with a state of perpetual waiting. Of course it made us laugh. Later in the day […]

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