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The Teenage Years

My entire life since a young teenager has been governed by a core purpose to assist in the transformation and ultimately the transcendence of the human condition starting with myself. I just didn’t tell anyone though. Quietly in the background I gently nurtured my relationship with Spirit – with the Divine, through creating music, poetry and artwork, meditating and being in nature. No matter what else I was doing or what was happening in my life, this was where I found lasting peace, and an inner strength and fortitude.

Calisha Short and sheba. Spirituality, meditation and healing.
I increasingly put time and energy into developing the inner world, while around me I saw others seeking happiness, purpose and fulfillment in things of a transient nature that I knew would never satisfy them for long.

Eventually I indulged. Part of our reason for being here is to experience a myriad of things, but when I did, I noticed that straying too far from the path that had been placed before me always affected my health and my peace of mind. So I returned to the disciplines of the enlightened masters of old because it worked, and I knew it would bring me closer to Truth, instead of further away from it.


The Twenties

Through my twenties I worked in health care, spending 45-50 hours a week with people who were in pain both physically and emotionally. Not may of our patients were happy and most were over committed financially and stressed. They’d talk to me and open up about their lives.

Then out in public strangers would constantly approach me and start talking. They’d tell me their story and share their most painful wounding, a wound that they never told anyone about before.

Through this sharing from others and my own difficult experiences, I came to know the collective pain body and the collective wounding of humanity. I also began to see how much we buy into our story and live our lives identified with it. I began to understand and experienced first hand how we feed it.

We all have a remembering inside us that doesn’t die.
An eternal spark that never goes out.
It can be ignited whenever we are ready and willing.


I found that somehow my talking with people and listening to them, gave them relief and left them feeling better – more at peace. They saw in me what they wanted, what was possible, and I think this gave them a light of hope. You could see it in their eyes. Their faces would light up, and they’d lean in close to me and say, ‘You’ve got it’ or ‘I want what you’ve got’. They were so proud they’d discovered my secret.

I used to laugh because there was no secret, I was simply reflecting the beauty that I saw in them back at them, with compassion for the humanness that I also shared, and empathy as a fellow soul on this journey called life. I knew from this that we all have a remembering inside us that doesn’t die, and that since this spark never goes out, it must be eternal. It can be ignited whenever we are ready and willing.


calisha short, meditation, spiritual healing, reikiAdulthood

Through working with others and my own personal life experience, I came to realize that we have an innate nature and potential that becomes blocked or suppressed through interpretation of life events and experiences that are not entirely positive or life affirming. This led me to start meditating more seriously for up to 2-3 hours a day.

Then I was led on a personal and professional progression from working as a physical therapist to working with the meridians and the human energy field (HEF). This evolved to belief work, emotional release therapies and transformation of non-truth through ‘the work‘ of Byron Katie – a simple questioning of reality.

Although there are many paths we can take,
they all lead to the same place…
a home from which we never actually left.


I eventually learned that although there are many paths we can take, they all lead to the same place ~ a home from which we never actually left. My life’s work has become assisting others to remember who they are and what they come from. That separation is an illusion. That we are All connected. That there Is only Consciousness or Oneness.

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