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Awakening to reality through meditationAs we awaken to Spirit and become more conscious of our Truth, we become increasingly aware of Reality. This process is called awakening. We are in fact always connected, it is what we are and we cannot be otherwise.

Awakening To Reality

What happens is that as our awareness of our true nature as Spirit, Self, Consciousness, Existence, whatever you want to call this… increases, as our perception of Reality returns. Yes I did say returns.

Our level of conscious awareness and connectedness also increases, as our degree of awareness of Reality increases. This is because our natural state is one of conscious awareness ~ Self is aware that we are Consciousness.

Our natural state is one of conscious awareness
~ of being aware that we are Consciousness.


A Sun and Clouds Analogy

It’s like the sun when hidden behind dark clouds. We wouldn’t even know it was there, but then when the clouds move all of a sudden we can see and feel the sun, and it’s light and brightness, bathing us in it’s warmth and awesomeness 🙂

It’s one of those amazing moments of grandeur and delight. Something so beautiful to behold and experience. From now on we know the sun is there even if it’s cloudy. No matter what. We can always remember it’s presence even when hidden by cloud cover. Our remembering of it might come and go but we always know it’s there.

The Reality of our Existence is like the sun. It’s always there…always here, always present, just like the sun. And just like the sun it’s beautiful and awesome to behold and experience.

Our lack of conscious awareness, just like the clouds, might hide the sun for days, months or even years at a time, but it’s always there, always here. Just like the sun. Ever present.

The trick is to find ways to stop the ‘clouds’ from blocking our vision, or our perception of Reality, so that we can bring our awareness to a state of always being conscious of our Source in the moment, no matter what the ‘weather’. In this way awakening to a conscious state, that is aware of its-self, becomes our constant aware state.

The ‘weather’ is our lives and our perceptions and interpretations of life that we create and let affect us. So that no matter what emotions are going on within us in response to both our internal and external environment, and no matter what thoughts we are creating and entertaining 😉 we can perceive the spiritual sun, or Source from an awakened and aware state of Being.

Awakening to the Flow of Life

When we learn to tap into this spiritual sun, this spiritual Source – we become aware of Reality and the Reality of our Existence. Whether you want to call this Spirit, Source, Creator, the Universe, Consciousness, Universal Mind, God or Divine Father. Labels matter not. Reality is reality.

I call this process of becoming aware of Reality ~ awakening, because it’s like waking up from a long dream where we believed ourself to be an individual, separate from others, with clear physical, emotional and mental boundaries.

Then our consciousness awakens to find that Reality is a very different experience to that which we once thought it to be when we were ‘thinking’ life, instead of ‘being’ life.

In awakening we return to our conscious state of being ~ as living and breathing expressions of life, free from judgement and free of the opinions and beliefs that once governed our world. Life becomes simpler and easier, we are contented to let everything be just as it is. We give up our need to be needed, to need others and to control everything. This awakened state is freeing and liberating in the truest sense and it allows Life to flow through us.

In awakening we return to being living and breathing expressions of life, free of judgement and free of the opinions and beliefs that we once believed governed our world. Life becomes simpler and easier because we are content to let everything be as it is.


Awareness of Reality and the Mind

Reality is not thoughts created by our mind, and we can only open to it again and remember our Truth by letting go of thinking and returning through conscious awareness to an awakened state of consciousness. We are after all Consciousness, and this ~ however you perceive it to be, is Reality.

With meditation and other tools we learn to intentionally and consciously tap into Reality ~ the source of our existence. To bath in the light and warmth of our spiritual Sun… even if it’s cloudy, stormy or even raining, as this Reality is always here and we are always connected. This is awakening.

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