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Abundance & Manifestation

Abundance and manifestation.Feeling abundant is a gracious and very powerful state to be in. It’s also a way of being in the world physically that eludes many, yet we all have the potential to realize it fully.

Abundance is our natural birthright, and what we want can be willed through conscious intention, or conscious manifestation when we know how. We just need to learn the how to make it happen.


What Prevents Us From Experiencing Abundant Lives?

Their are several things that prevent us from living abundant lives and living in a state of abundance no matter what we have or own. The main inhibitors are our beliefs and our attitudes. These are two of the main forces that motivate us forward or keep us stuck where we are.

When we change what we believe about ourselves and our relationship to life, which includes what we believe we deserve ~ our attitude about what is possible changes. This creates an opening in our lives for abundance to enter. Anything is possible when our beliefs and mindset change, and anything is possible when we we start living a gracious life, knowing that we only stop oursleves from having and living the life we deserve and dream of.

For this to happen our sense of belief in what is possible and our sense of self-worth need to change. When these come into alignment with that of already having what we want and need, and of being deserving of these things no matter what, abundance is given the grace to enter our lives.

The comparison is to continue feeling undeserving with minimal belief that we can have what we want and need. This expresses in our lives as a feeling of not having or not being enough, and living from what we call ‘poverty consciousness.’ This poverty consciousness can relate to physical items like money, or the non-physical like love.

When our beliefs and sense of self-worth come into alignment with that of already having what we want and need, and of being deserving no matter what – abundance is given the grace to enter our lives.


How Do We Turn This Around?

How do we change something around that has become so ingrained, that has been our ongoing belief and feeling sate, and our way of thinking for many years or even our whole lives?

There are many ways to change our deep seated beliefs. Seeing a healer who does belief work, having NLP sessions or listening to subliminal audios and paraliminals can all help to change beliefs that do not serve us anymore with beliefs that do. Our job is recognizing that we need to change the quality of our thoughts and beliefs in the first place, which will lead us to having more abundant and fulfilled lives.

Continue reading my articles on abundance and manifesting and I’ll explain more about abundance and feeling abundant, for this is key to manifesting anything we want in life, whether money, possessions, love or anything else.

Abundant Blessings,


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