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calisha short, meditation, spiritual healing, awakening

Welcome, I’m Calisha Short and my mission is to wake humanity up by opening our hearts and increasing our awareness to the connectedness of all life. Our universal heart already knows the oneness and connection of all things, but many of us are unaware of this truth because the analytical mind and ego control our perception of reality. As sparks of a greater Consciousness our natural state is of love and our natural expression is peaceful, joyful and powerful beyond measure. We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be.

As a healer and writer, I assist others to let go of what is not true. This can be thoughts, beliefs, judgements or energy blockages, all of which create separation and resistance to life as it unfolds. This process of letting go initiates a deep surrender of mind stuff to reveal our deepest truth and essence. It is healing on all levels as it restores the perceived disconnect from Source, healing our lives, our relationships and our bodies in the process. To find out more explore the website and connect with me through social media below.

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meditation, abundance, manifestationAbundance & Manifesting >>

Feeling abundant is a gracious state to be in and a very powerful one. It’s also a way of being in the world physically that eludes many, yet we all have the potential to realize it fully. Abundance is our natural birthright, and what we want can be willed through conscious intention, or conscious manifestation when we know how. There are a few key steps to note, including letting go of attachment to any particular outcome and…


awakening, reality, spiritualityAwakening to Reality>>

 As we reconnect to the Source of our Existence, we become increasingly aware of Reality. I call this awakening because it’s like waking up from a long dream where you believed yourself to be an individual, separate from others. Then you awaken to find that Reality is a very different experience to what you thought it was because you were thinking it, not be-ing it. This experience is an awakening in an enlightened kind of way that brings us home…



Many of us have aspects of our life that we want to heal but we’re not sure how to go about it or whether it’s even possible. Let me take you through an overview of what’s involved in asking for and initiating a healing to take place in your life and the core steps needed to allow healing to enter your life. Healing is possible and can be easier than we think ~ when we truely desire it and are willing to ask for it, to let go of control and to let it happen…



The technique of meditation has been used for millennium in many cultures and is now becoming increasingly popular in the west. Apart from restoring balance and a sense of peace, and of course benefiting our state of mind, extensive research now shows that meditating has numerous health benefits. These are all key reasons to take up meditating and to develop an enjoyable daily practice that increases connection and nurtures your soul…


calisha short  calisha short

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